Lee Young Ji addressed anti-fans, “You are lacking happiness”

Famous rapper and entertainer Lee Young Ji shot back at people who continuously leave hate comments on her SNS. 

On May 11th, Lee Young Ji published several Instagram stories, including a special message for anti-fans. 

In particular, the rapper took on a both kind and mocking tone, saying, “Those who are leaving strange comments, I sincerely hope you can find more happiness in your life.”

 Lee Young Ji

“I hope that you can enjoy this beautiful world, and can acknowledge another’s rights and freedom, without feeling weird about their appearance or existence”, she also wrote, adding, “You must be like that because you are lacking happiness”. 

Finally, Lee Young Ji advised the haters, “From now on, eat a lot of good food, sleep on your favorite soft pillow, and live in a more happy manner!!! Yooo!” 

On the other hand, Lee Young Ji is a rapper who won High School Rapper 3 and is the first female winner of the famous rap show “Show Me the Money”. She is also well-known for her variety appearance, and is currently appearing as a cast member of “Earth Arcade 2” as well as hosting her own YouTube show, “My Alcohol Diary”. 

Source: Instagram 

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