Lee Soo Man won’t attend SM shareholders’ meeting, SM “will end an era today”

Lee Soo Man, former executive producer of SM Entertainment, will not attend the SM shareholders’ meeting.

On March 31st, Lee Soo Man’s side delivered a letter containing Lee Soo Man’s feelings. Lee Soo Man said, “SM, which was founded after my name, will end an era today. I think the lyrics of ‘Happiness’, the song I sang as a singer a long time ago, can represent this entire process.”

lee soo man

He added, “I always dream. Kwangya was my new dream. I know there are people who maliciously distort and criticize this dream. As always, I’m heading towards the future. Now, K-pop must evolve beyond Korea into a global music that accompanies the world. I think the world of music where the world is together should be a combination of technology and music, and its goal should be to contribute to a sustainable world.”

Earlier, a media outlet exclusively reported that Lee Soo Man would attend the SM shareholders’ meeting. Regarding this, Lee Soo Man shared, “I heard that other reporters are interested in a reporter’s groundless exclusive (?) report that I will attend the shareholders’ meeting today. It’s not true. I’m abroad now. I’m immersed in the world of global music.”

Meanwhile, SM held the 28th SM regular shareholders’ meeting on the second floor of Acro Seoul Forest D Tower, Seongdong-gu, Seoul at noon on March 31st.

Source: daum

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