Lee Yoo-mi revealed that she had auditioned 500 times before hitting the jackpot with “Squid Game” and “All of Us Are Dead”

Actress Lee Yoo-mi, who appeared in Netflix’s series “Squid Game” and “All of Us Are Dead”, unveiled the unimaginable number of auditions she has participated in.

On January 28th, an interview video of actress Lee Yoo-mi was uploaded on the Youtube channel “ESQUIRE Korea”.

What drew particular attention in the video was the number of auditions Lee Yoo-mi joined before becoming famous with Netflix’s series “Squid Game” last year.

lee yoo mi

When the interview’s production team asked for the total number of auditions she had joined, including the one for the movie “Hostage: Missing Celebrity”, Lee Yoo-mi said she couldn’t calculate exactly how many auditions she had taken. 

Recalling the past, Lee Yoo-mi surprised everyone by calmly answering that she had auditioned about 400-500 times.

lee yoo mi

Actress Lee Yoo-mi debuted in 2010 and had participated in various works before making her name be known to audiences around the world with her appearance in “Squid Game” – Netflix’s most famous drama last year.

She has established herself as a “rising actress” by successfully transforming into a villain in Netflix’s recently released hit drama “All of Us Are Dead”.

lee yoo mi

Some people might think she rose to stardom at once, but in fact, Lee Yoo-mi’s success was the result of her perseverance and passion after challenging casting auditions about 500 times.

Fans are giving Lee Yoo-mi countless encouragements and applauses, hoping the actress will become more successful in the future.

Meanwhile, the video below showed Lee Yoo-mi searching her profile on Namuwiki, correcting wrong information, and looking back on her old works.

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