Lee Yoo-mi: “I got close to Jung Ho-yeon in just 1 day…Worried that I will get cursed at because of Na-yeon”   

Lee Yoo-mi showed off why she is called the daughter of Netflix. 

Recently, a video titled “Lee Yoo-mi, following “Squid Game,” appeared in Netflix’s new film ‘All Of Us Are Dead?’” was posted on the official YouTube channel of Magazine Esquire Korea. 

In that newly released video, Lee Yoo-mi was surprised to have 7 million Instagram followers. “I really didn’t imagine that this number would appear on my Instagram,” she said.


“You won’t be able to imagine how many auditions I have taken in numbers. I think I’ve seen too many. I have worked really hard. I did my best for every audition. I think I have definitely been through more than 100 auditions, and I think I’ve seen about 4-500 auditions,” she said.

Lee Yoo-mi also recalled when she filmed for the Netflix series “Squid Game”, “Didn’t they all wear the same clothes? I have poor eyesight, that’s why I couldn’t recognize anyone because they all were wearing the same clothes. I always had to frown and check them by their face one by one.”

“It felt like a concert hall because there were a lot of people and we were on the same team wearing matching clothes. About the makeup, it was done as soon as I sat down,” she added.

In addition, Lee Yoo-mi said, “My first script reading was only with Sae-byeok. What was so amazing was that even though it was our first time seeing each other, I thought she was a friend I could get along well because we are the same age. We got close in a day, and later, we talked a lot about acting, went to cafes a lot, and ate tteokbokki together. It’s a series that has given me a good friend,” she said, showing off her friendship with model Jung Ho-yeon.

In addition, she said, “Na-yeon is a mean character. It is a webtoon I like, but I got cast as the character I hate. She is a child who craved to be loved and comforted by people, that’s why she treasured it so much,” she said adding, “I’m a little worried about how much I’m going to get cursed at, but I hope you love my role. Even if I get cursed at, that means I have done well in the role of Na-yeon, so please continue to curse and love her with all your heart,” she didn’t forget to promote the Netflix series “All Of Us Are Dead” and introduce her character.

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