Lee Yeon Hee transforms into a chic office worker in “Race”, shows improved acting performance after years of criticism

Lee Yeon Hee is showing improvements as an actress in the office-themed drama series “Race”.

Lee Yeon Hee has a strong connection to SM. She is known for her innocent and attractive beauty. Yeon Hee is well-trained in every aspect: acting, choreography, and vocals. However, in the end, SM debuted Yeon Hee as an actress.


Stunning as she is, Yeon Hee rarely receives praise for acting. In the past 20 years of her career, viewers believe she does not show enough immersion in her role to put on a convincing acting performance. Nonetheless, with the help of her company, the actress still gained a spot in major drama projects, such as “East of Eden”, “Miss Korea”, “Ghost” or “Gu Family Book”. Only her performances in “East of Eden” and “Gu Family Book” were regarded as up to standard by the audience.


Recently, Yeon Hee made her comeback to the drama scene with “Race”. The actress made a drastic transformation with a short haircut and a simple yet stylish office outfit. Above all, she shone brightly with an immaculate visual.

Lee Yeon Hee stars in “Race”, showing off her beauty in a stylish office outfit

In the drama, the actress plays Park Yoon Jo, a single woman with a life like any other. She is accepted into a PR position at a big company, where her friend, Ryu Jae Min (Hong Jong Hyun), is working. At the company, she has the chance to work with a PR expert, Goo Yi Jung (Moon So Ri). From then onward, her life is filled with drama but no less exciting experiences.

Source: K14

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