Lee Yeon Bok, “BTS Jin came to my house in slippers to deliver strawberry gift. He even bought me a wine cellar”

Chef Lee Yeon Bok talks about his close friendship with Jin, a member of the famous boy group BTS, on “Radio Star”.

Lee Yeon Bok appears on the new broadcast of MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star”, which is scheduled to air at 10:30 p.m. on December 28th.

Mentioning BTS Jin, Lee Yeon Bok says, “We’re very close. Jin came to my house quite often.”

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He recalls, “There was a time when he couldn’t visit me, and my grandson said he missed Jin. So I sent Jin a message, asking ‘When will you come again?’. As soon as Jin finished a concert that night, he came without removing makeup and appeared with the apple hairstyle.”

Lee Yeon Bok says, “One day, Jin told me that the strawberries he was eating at home were very delicious, then came to my house in slippers just to deliver strawberries to me”, adding “He once saw a small wine cellar somewhere and bought me one in large size”, revealing their extraordinary friendship.

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On “Radio Star”, Lee Yeon Bok also reveals his first meeting with Jin and how they became close to each other. He shares, “We met on ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’. I exchanged phone numbers with many celebrities who appeared on the show, but we didn’t contact each other after then. However, Jin keeps in touch with me until now.”

In addition, Lee Yeon Bok will appear as a guest in Jin’s first Vlog.

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Source: Daum

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