Lee Si-eon ♥ Seo Ji-seung will tie the knot in Jeju island today (Dec 25th) after 4 years of dating

Actors Lee Si-eon and Seo Ji-seung’s 4-year romantic relationship is about to bear fruit.

Lee Si-eon and Seo Ji-seung

Lee Si-eon (39 years old) and Seo Ji-seung (33 years old) will hold their wedding in Jeju Island and officially become a married couple today, on Christmas day (December 25th).

Due to the pandemic situation, the couple will only hold a small wedding with family members and relatives. In addition, the wedding ceremony will be held privately in order to protect the two’s privacy. After the wedding, Lee Si-eon and Seo Ji-seung will return to Seoul without spending time for a honeymoon and continue their existing schedules.

Lee Si-seon
Lee Si-seon

Lee Si-seon and Seo Ji-seung developed into lovers in 2017. After rumors of their romantic relationship arose in February 2018, the two were confirmed to be dating.

The couple, who had dated quietly and avoided showing their affection obviously in public, ended up getting married after 4 years of dating.

Lee Si-eon made his debut in the 2001 movie “Kick The Moon”, and made his name known to drama fans by appearing in MBC’s “Friend, Our Legend”, SBS’s “Remember: War of the Son”, and tvN’s “Live”. Receiving huge attention for his role in tvN’s drama “Reply 1997”, Lee Si-eon later gained great popularity through MBC’s entertainment program “I Live Alone”.

Seo Ji-seung
Seo Ji-seung

After leaving “I Live Alone”, Lee Si-eon continued to show passionate performances in the theater play “Perfect Strangers” and focused on acting.

Meanwhile, Seo Ji-seung became known to the public through KBS2’s “Sharp” then acted enthusiastically in various movies, such as “A Millionaire on the Run”, “A Melody of Stranger” and “The Treacherous

Seo Ji-seung
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