Lee Si-eon, “I’m happy to marry Seo Ji-seung. I feel less bored than when I was alone”

Actor Lee Si-eon expressed his satisfaction after marrying actress Seo Ji-seung.

Lee Si Eon Seo Ji Seung

On January 8th, Lee Si-eon appeared as the awards presenter for “Best Group” at the 36th Golden Disc Awards, which was held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Guro-gu, Seoul, and broadcast live on JTBC.

Showing up on the stage of Gocheok Sky Dome, Lee Si-eon said, “I once greeted everyone through a show for people living alone (MBC’s “I Live Alone’). This time, I already became a team with a person”. Lee Si-eon held his wedding with actress Seo Ji-seung, who he had dated for 4 years, on December 25th last year.

Lee Si-eon

Lee Si-eon continued, “I think it’s a good thing to become a team with someone. It’s called ‘chemistry’, right? I think we can show more diverse colors through a relationship, and the relationship itself can be a great strength and support to us.”

Lastly, he smiled and said, “In conclusion, I feel less bored than when I was alone.”

Lee Si-eon gave the “Best Group” award to the girl group Brave Girls.

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