Lee Seung Gi works hard amid conflict with Hook, will appear at KBS Drama Awards?

While singer and actor Lee Seung Gi is entangled in conflict with his agency Hook Entertainment, attention is focused on his future steps.

On December 6th, Lee Seung Gi was appointed as an ambassador for the 2022 Craft Trend Fair, the largest craft fair in Korea. As a public relations ambassador, Lee Seung Gi said that he would promote the value of craft culture, and showed his enthusiasm even during conflicts with his agency.

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Accordingly, attention is being focused on whether Lee Seung Gi will attend the KBS Drama Awards, which will be held on December 31st. Previously, the actor starred alongside actress Lee Se Young in the KBS2 drama “The Law Cafe”, which ended in October and recorded a viewership rating of 7.1%.

Since there is no blockbuster KBS series this year, there is a high possibility that “The Law Cafe”, with its decent viewership, and Lee Seung Gi, who delivered a passionate portrayal, will receive a year-end award. As a result, attention is being focused on whether Lee Seung Gi will make an official appearance at the KBS Drama Awards while in conflict with his agency.

Lee Seung Gi is currently engaged in a legal battle with Hook Entertainment with new revelations constantly coming out. Recently, the singer-actor sent a proof of contents related to the settlement of his music earnings to Hook Entertainment.

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At the same time, news about Lee Seung Gi suffering from unfair treatment from Hook Entertainment, as well as abuse of power and gaslighting by CEO Kwon Jin Young, also gained attention

While Lee Seung Gi continues to battle against Hook Entertainment, attention is paid to whether he will appear in front of the public at KBS Drama Awards.

Source: Nate 

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