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After marriage announcement, Lee Seung Gi to meet viewers in new survival show for idols have yet to found success 

Lee Seung Gi said about the upcoming survival show “Peak Time”, “Idol groups that have not succeeded will grow through survival”.

Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi, who announced his sudden marriage to Lee Da In on February 7th, revealed his determination to participate in the JTBC entertainment program “Peak Time”, in which he is the host.

Regarding “Peak Time” on February 8th, Lee Seung Gi said, “’Peak Time’ supports idols with music and dance lessons, arrangement, production, and styling. We will be able to watch their process of growth through survival.”

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“Peak Time” is a survival program that unfolds as a team showdown for the first time in idol audition history. . Idols with debut experience will compete by putting down all their ranks, including age, fandom, agency, and team name. In addition to Lee Seung Gi, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Tiffany Young, Jay Park, Lee Gi Kwang, Kim Sung Kyu, Song Mino, Shim Jae Won, and Ryan Jhun participate as judges.

Kyuhyun, an active idol for 17 years, will head the judging panel. Kyuhyun said, “Our program is an audition that shows the harmony and teamwork of the idol teams. Since I am an idol, I could talk about stage composition and vocal parts. I am happy to appear because I thought I could support them in the process of making another star.”

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Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Young said, “I decided to appear on the show because I realized that if I challenged with hope and passion, I could create a peak time. As a person who has been part of a group for a long time, I know how much I want to protect the members and fans. As a judge, I will be able to help with various experiences I have gained.”

Jay Park said, “The idols on our program are friends who have worked hard together to continue promoting together. I thought it was meaningful to give them a chance to continue to maintain that tightness.”

Highlight’s Lee Gi Kwang, formerly Beast’s Lee Gi Kwang, who had experience in changing the group name after a conflict with his former agency, emphasized, “Idols who are in difficult situations for various reasons will show their passion for the stage by making greater efforts with a sense of desperation.”

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Kim Sung Gyu, former main vocalist of Infinite, said, “As a colleague who is walking the same path, I will understand the hearts of these idols well.”

Winner’s Song Mino, who went through survival shows, said, “There are many programs for idols aiming to debut, and that’s how I started. Debuting isn’t the goal, everything starts with a debut. ‘Peak Time’ is a necessary program to support participants in difficult situations to gain energy.”

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In addition, SM Performance Director Shim Jae Won and Hitmaker Producer Ryan Jhun will also appear in the program to add strength. Shim Jae Won said, “I hope that idols will receive attention from many people through this program.” and Ryan said, “Since it’s a team competition, please watch the process of these idols becoming one.”

“Peak Time” is a global idol audition program newly introduced by the production team of “Sing Again”, which discovered unknown singers. It will be broadcast for the first time at 8:50 pm KST on February 15th.

Source: Daum

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