Suspicions raised that Lee Seung Gi has been gaslighted by Hook Entertainment in other areas aside from music

While Lee Seung Gi is in conflict with his agency over receiving none of his music revenue, more suspicions surfaced.

On November 24th, Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative released a statement, saying, “As already reported, Lee Seung Gi sent a certificate of content related to the non-settlement of his music revenue to Hook Entertainment through his lawyer on November 15th, disclosing the details of the distribution of all albums Lee Seung Gi participated in, and requesting that the unpaid music earnings be settled based on this.”

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Lee Seung Gi has requested the details of the settlement from Hook Entertainment (CEO Kwon Jin Young) several times, but Hook Entertainment avoided providing him the details with the false excuse of “You (Lee Seung Gi) are a singer with negative earnings.”

After that, on online communities, testimonies from fans who attended Lee Seung Gi’s concerts in the past started to appear.

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According to fans, at his concert, Lee Seung Gi said, “I would like to thank my company (Hook Entertainment) for letting me hold a concert even though the profit is always a minus every concert” even after he successfully completed his concert at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul.

The Gymnastics Stadium is an indoor concert hall that can accommodate 15,000 spectators and has been called a dream venue even for idols. However, Lee Seung Gi was told by Hook Entertainment that the concert earnings were minus even after he performed four times in such a stadium.

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Netizens left comments, “It seems that he has been gaslighted for a long time” and “Other than the music payments, everything in detail needs to be checked to see if there is any payment that has not been settled.”

Source: Nate

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