Lee Seung Gi continues to spread good influence by donating 2 billion won to a children’s hospital

Singer-actor Lee Seung Gi reportedly donated 2 billion won to Seoul National University Children’s Hospital.

According to Seoul National University Children’s Hospital on December 29th, Lee Seung Gi personally visited the hospital and went around the place then decided to help provide a better treatment environment for sick children and their families. 

Lee Seung-gi

Furthermore, Lee Seung Gi deeply sympathized with the structural problems of the children’s hospitals, which cause deficits when treating child patients, and the practical difficulties of the sharp decline in the rate of interns applying for the department of pediatrics and adolescents. Therefore, he made the decision to fund the improvement of the medical environment at the hospital. 

Seoul National University Children’s Hospital will use the donation to solve the problem of overcrowded hospital rooms and replace old equipment so that children in the hospital can receive treatments in a more comfortable environment. In addition, the wards that have been improved thanks to the goodwill of the sponsor Lee Seung Gi are planned to be named “Lee Seung Gi wards”.

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Lee Seung Gi shared, “Low birthrate is a matter of national existence. The healthy growth and happiness of children can create a bright future for Korea”, adding “I hope this donation will serve as an opportunity to establish a better environment for pediatrics and adolescents patients and arouse attention from the public. I will continue to care for children and support them so that they can grow up healthily and happily.”

Source: Nate

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