Lee Se-young revealed the secret of her chemistry with Lee Jun-ho, “I set his face as my phone’s wallpaper”

Actress Lee Se-young revealed the secret behind her romance chemistry with Lee Jun-ho.

Lee Se-young

The broadcast of “Radio Star” to be aired at 10:10 P.M on January 2nd will show the second part of “Let’s Go To Our Palace” Special featuring Lee Jun-ho, Lee Se-young, Jang Hye-jin, Oh Dae-hwan, Kang Hoon, and Lee Min-ji.

In “The Red Sleeve”, Lee Se-young played the role of court lady Seong Deok-im. Lee Se-young performed enthusiastically to portray different images of her character, from when Seong Deok-im was a lovely and energetic court lady to when she became concubine Uibin Seong. Her impressive acting received favorable reviews from the viewers, such as “If Seong Deok-im was ever reborn, wouldn’t she be actress Lee Se-young?

Regarding the secret of how she could portray the desperate and affectionate romance with Lee Jun-ho, who played Yi San, Lee Se-young cited an unexpected reason. She said she set Lee Jun-ho’s face as her phone’s wallpaper.

When asked about how much Lee Se-young herself resembles her character, the pleasant and lovely Seong Deok-im, the actress replied with an honest answer. In addition, it is said that she will also explain why she got the nickname “Lovely Crazy”, arousing the viewers’ curiosity.

After “Dae Jang Geum” and “The Crowned Clown”, Lee Se-young continued to lead drama “The Red Sleeve”, proving herself as an “unbeatable historical drama legend”. Thanks to her elegant visual and perfect performances in the historical drama genre, Lee Se-young is also known as a “Confirmed Queen Consort”. She will steal the attention by directly mentioning her secret of playing the Queen Consort roles.

In addition, Lee Se-young is said to have shown off her passion for handing out her business cards to 4 MCs at the recording site of “Radio Star“, making people curious about the content.

Lee Min-ji, who played the role of a court lady named Kim Bok-yeon in “The Red Sleeve“, shares that she was amazed by Lee Se-young‘s 26 years of experience. She adds, “(Looking at Lee Se-young) I thought she was Ma Dong-seok of ‘Train to Busan’.

Lee Min-ji, who has accumulated filmography by appearing in many independent films prior to “The Red Sleeve“, reveals she had to work part-time to earn a living even when she began to gain public attention thanks to the nickname “Independent film industry’s Jeon Do-yeon“.

Lee Min-ji will then unveil the casting story of “Reply 1988”. In this work, she played Jang Mi-ok, a friend of Sung Duk-seon (Lee Hye-ri). The actress confesses that she seems to have influenced the character setting with a single line.

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