Lee Min-jung shared, “Lee Byung-hun is the type of husband who endures me when I get angry… He’s very nice and gentle”

Lee Min-jung talked about the usual personality of her husband Lee Byung-hun.

Actress Lee Min-jung guested on the 145th episode of tvN’s “Yoo Quiz on the Block”, which was aired on March 16th. 

On this day, she told an anecdote that her son Jun-hu watched Lee Byung-hun very carefully at the time my drama “Once Again” was aired. He said something like, “Dad, don’t watch it!”.

Lee Min-jung-Lee Byung-hun-Wook-ha-You Quiz on the block

Lee Min-jung said, “While educating children, you have to explain a lot in case the child gets confused. You should never put the child in confusion. I took him to the studio once. At the studio, at the scene when a person came into the house and said, ‘Mom, I’m home’, Jun-hu immediately asked, ‘Why am I not in that house?’. He was wondering why mom came home but she didn’t call him.”

In response, Yoo Jae-seok agreed, “That’s especially true with dramas”. Jo Se-ho also told his experience, “My nephews and nieces were really young when I filmed ‘We Got Married’ in the past and they really thought their uncle was married”.

Lee Min-jung-Lee Byung-hun-Wook-ha-You Quiz on the block

Lee Min-jung also talked about the advantages and disadvantages of being an actor couple. Lee Min-jung said that when she began acting, she tried to show expressions only according to the script. However, she changed her mind after hearing Lee Byung-hun say, “If you think you can show better feelings, just do more or add more ad-libs. An actor should add more weight to the character. How can this be expressed only in writing?”. The actress continued, “In fact, the person who can understand you the most is the one who does the same job as you. I think this is a good thing for me because I have someone like senior whom I can ask this and that”.

Lee Min-jung continued her story of Lee Byung-hun. Lee Min-jung said, “When we’re together, we talk in more high notes than low-pitched notes, but I’ll just forget it and do it (talk in hug pitch voice) when I get angry. While I usually shout when I got stressed, my husband’ holds it in very well. In contrary to my muddling words, he’s very gentle and nice. My mom and dad said, “Min-jung, calm down.” There are so many adults there, but I shouted, “Oppa!” to him.”

Lee Min-jung-Lee Byung-hun-Wook-ha-You Quiz on the block

In response, Yoo Jae-seok said, “It would be nice to have Byung-hun hyung here, I want to ask him how he is doing now.” Lee Min-jung said, “But after I released my stress, I’m a good wife. Since there’s nothing piled up anymore. He’s the one having a hard time,” smiling.

Meanwhile, Lee Min-jung married Lee Byung-hun, an actor 12 years older than her, in August 2013, and has an 8-year-old son, Jun-hu.


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