Anti-fans make fun of Lee Min Ho’s English pronunciation in an interview for “Pachinko” 

Anti-fans mock Lee Min Ho’s English.

Recently, an interview video of Lee Min Ho and Kim Min Ha while promoting Apple TV+’s original series Pachinko drew attention. Since this was an interview with a foreign media outlet, netizens were curious about the two leading actors’ English abilities.

In the interview, while Kim Min Ha drew praise for how she answered the questions in English fluently and comfortably like a native speaker, Lee Min Ho became a target of anti-fans’ criticism for the opposite reason.

Kim Min Ha
Kim Min Ha speaks in English like a native speaker

Anti-fans claimed Lee Min Ho‘s English sounded awkward and made fun of him simply because he needed the interpreter’s help in the interview.


This is not the first time Lee Min Ho‘s English became a topic of discussion. In the drama Legend of the Blue Sea, anti-fans constantly poked fun at Lee Min Ho’s Konglish accent in a scene where he needed to speak English. Meanwhile, fans and netizens think there should be no problem with a Korean actor not being fluent in English.

Lee Min Ho and his Konglish accent in Legend of the Blue Sea.
Lee Min-ho-Pachinko
Lee Min Ho in Legend of the Blue Sea.
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