4 celebrities who honestly confessed that they debuted in the industry because they didn’t want to go to school. 

When did celebrities who own outstanding talents dream of becoming stars? The timing and process of celebrities making their debut always arouse the curiosity of fans. 

Many stars had dreamed of becoming actors or singers since they were young, but some just honestly confessed that they decided to debut because they didn’t want to school

Let’s look through 4 names who didn’t do well in studying but achieved great success with their natural “start qualities” in other fields.

1. Actress Kim Hee-sun

Actress Kim Hee-sun debuted in 1993 through a crab snack commercial and has been building her solid acting career with various works.

Kim Hee-sun looks like a “born celebrity”, but surprisingly, she started acting as a reason to skip class because she didn’t want to go to school.

Instead of leaving the mark ‘skipping school classes’, it is known that Kim Hee-sun intentionally increased the filming time to replace that part in her school record.

2. Actress Lee Yoo-bi

Lee Yoo-bi, who is well-known as the daughter of actress Kyun Mi-ri, debuted in 2011 through MBN’s sitcom “Vampire Idol”.

While talking about how she made her debut, Lee Yoo-bi said she went to a public audition for “Vampire Idol” because she didn’t want to attend school classes. 

Lee Yoo-bi also revealed that Kyun Mi-ri used to oppose her daughter entering the entertainment industry but later taught her a lot as a senior actress.

3. Singer Kang Min

Singer Kang Min, born in 2003, debuted in the male idol group Verivery in January 2019 and entered the entertainment industry.

Kangmin didn’t want to study, but he was cast on the street, and he said that he made his debut after having a trainee period for a year.

He is gaining popularity by capturing the hearts of women with his pure and warm visuals.

4. Singer Lee Seung-cheol

Lee Seung-cheol is a 37-year veteran singer who made his debut in 1986 with the first album “Resurrection”.

Lee Seung-chul, who left behind several famous songs, attracted attention by announcing that he started his career as a singer because he didn’t want to study.

He provoked laughter by confessing that he had to go to college because of his parents, but he never went to class.


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