The reason why Lee Min-ho had to receive psychological counseling before filming the hot scene in”Pachinko”

Lee Min-ho, who plays the male lead Ko Han-soo in Apple TV+’s original series “Pachinko”, revealed behind stories of “Pachinko” filming in an interview with Dazed.

Lee Min-ho is drawing international attention by playing the lead role of Han-soo in the original Apple TV+ series “Pachinko.” This eight-part series, which cost as much as 100 billion won in production, tells the story of four generations of a Korean immigrant family. “Pachinko”, which features a variety of languages and characters from Korea, Japan, and the United States, was also evaluated as overthrowing the recipe of making a Hollywood masterpiece. 

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min-ho said, “I was surprised to see the size of the set. There was a set that reproduced Korea’s fish markets during the Japanese colonial era in Canada. I realized the details and scale of this work again as I watched several 1.5-ton trucks bring seafood to set up the scene early in the morning. Even before filming the kiss scene or the hot scene, the actors of that specific scene would be interviewed by experts and consulted about their current emotions and psychology. Such details were extraordinary,” hinting at the scale of the work.

Lee Min-ho also talked about the unfamiliar position of a “showrunner” who oversees the production of the work, and his collaboration with Soo Hugh. He confessed, “She’s very determined to improve the completeness of her work, so I gained a lot of energy while working with her. As we repeatedly conversed with each other countless times, the character Han-soo became more and more embodied in my mind. Now Soo and I have become comfortable with each other like friends.”

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min-ho continued, “There were many parts I could relate to while reading the script. There are often characters who seem to understand why they say things like this and behave like this in such a situation. There was a change in my attitude towards the work. We did our best not to create good results, but to portray this deep story well.”

Actor Lee Min-ho said he is interested in producing videos these days. You can check out the videos he produced on his YouTube channel. He shared, “I don’t have burdens such as ‘I have to do it’ because I started with the expectation of renewing myself. Wouldn’t Lee Min-ho in his mid-30s be renewed once I completed those videos one by one? Now, I think I’ll be able to see myself in detail only when these various layers overlap.”

Lee Min Ho

The interview with the story behind the production of “Pachinko” can be found on Dazed’s special edition, homepage, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and other official SNS channels.

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