Lee Kwang-soo, “Happy throughout the filming period” (The Killer’s Shopping List)

Lee Kwang-soo, Kim Seol-hyun and Jin Hee-kyung of tvN’s “The Killer’s Shopping List”, which ends on May 19th, expressed their feelings of regret and gratitude towards viewers.

Wednesday-Thursday’s drama “The Killer’s Shopping List” (directed by Lee Eon-hee/written by Han Ji-wan/planned by Studio Dragon/produced by Beyond J) is a super(market) comic investigation drama in which supermarket owner, cashier and district police officer deduce receipts as clues to mysterious murders occurring in an ordinary neighborhood. In the meantime, Lee Kwang-soo, Kim Seol-hyun and Jin Hee-kyung drew attention by delivering their final goodbye to “The Killer’s Shopping List” viewers.

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First of all, Lee Kwang-soo, who played the role of Ahn Dae-sung, said, “I can’t believe it’s already over and I have a lot of regrets. I was happy throughout the filming period, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget the memories I had with good people at MS Mart. I’d like to express my gratitude towards viewers who have loved ‘The Killer’s Shopping List’. I’ll greet you again with a better appearance.”

The Killer's Shopping List

Kim Seol-hyun, who exuded various charms as Do Ah-hee, shared, “It feels like the shooting process started yesterday, but it’s a shame that it’s already over. The director, seniors and staff all got along well and enjoyed filming on set, and I think we were able to make a good work. I was always happy thanks to the energetic and lovely Ah-hee. Thank you for loving Ah-hee all this time.”

The Killer's Shopping List

Jin Hee-kyung, who took on the role of Jeong Myeong-sook, confessed, “It feels like just yesterday that I met a work called ‘The Killer’s Shopping List’, but it has already ended. I was happy and joyful to live as the character Myeong-sook while filming. Through this work, it was even more meaningful to be able to cheer up with good people such as the director, fellow actors and staff. There are still some stories left in ‘The Killer’s Shopping List’, so please pay attention until the end.”

The Killer's Shopping List

Source: Daum

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