Lee Jung shared, “I lost 6kg compared to my weight in the first episode… “Mnet” diet is the best”

YGX’s leader Lee Jung said she lost weight after appearing in “Street Woman Fighter”.

The broadcast of Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter – Gala Talk Show” aired on November 9th featured 8 teams, including WAY B, LACHICA, HOLYBANG, YGX, PROWDMON, CocaNButter, HOOK, and WANT, with a theme of a celebration called “Survival is over! Let’s start the festival!”

Lee Jung

After it was revealed that Lee Jung lost 6kg due to the shocking elimination of YGX, she explained, “It was not because I got eliminated. However, it was true that I lost 6kg compared to my weight in the first episode”. She added, “In fact, not only me but many other girls also lost weight.”

Then, Lee Jung gave a thumbs-up and said, “As expected, Mnet diet was so good”


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