“Lee Joon-ho may be Tae Soo-mi’s son?”… 4 developments that “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” should not have in the remaining six episodes

ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which has recorded the highest viewer rating of 15.8%, has only six episodes and three weeks left until it ends.

While the main cast of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, including Park Eun-bin, Kang Tae-oh, Kang Ki-young, Joo Jong-hyuk, and Ha Yoon-kyung, has become more popular, expectations are high on whether the drama will be able to make a breakthrough and surpass 20% viewer rating.

With the kiss of Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin) and Lee Joon-ho (Kang Tae-oh), the viewers’ hearts have been heated up. However, Woo Young-woo found out that her biological mother is Tae Soo-mi (Jin Kyung), and Tae Soo-mi, who thought Woo Young-woo’s presence would prevent her from being appointed as the Justice Minister, suggested Woo Young-woo’s father Woo Kwang-ho (Jeon Bae-soo) and his daughter leave Korea and go to the U.S. in the recent episodes. Kwon Min-woo (Joo Jong-hyuk) has begun to dig into Woo Young-woo’s background and the reporter also caught Tae Soo-mi visiting “Woo Young-woo gimbap restaurant”.

The drama is running towards its climax with only 6 episodes left. At this point, some viewers have started to sense that the energy of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which has been loved a lot as a kind and healing drama, is getting darker. To reveal the secret behind Woo Young-woo’s birth in a sophisticated way and overcome the crisis of having a bad ending, the producer of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” should avoid making these mistakes in the remaining episodes.

▲Lee Joon-ho, whose identity has been kept in a veil, is Tae Soo-mi’s son?

Viewers who are interested in dramas with “crazy” developments even raised the speculation that Lee Joon-ho may be Tae Soo-mi’s son. Lee Joon-ho, an employee in the legal team of Hanbada, is a mysterious character and not much information about him has been revealed except for his gender, age, and that he is living with Kwon Min-woo. In an interview as a candidate for the Justice Minister position, Tae Soo-mi said that she has a son… Therefore, some netizens thought of the theory that Lee Joon-ho may be Tae Soo-mi’s son and have a conflict with Woo Young-woo.

However, Woo Young-woo is 27 years old and Lee Joon-ho is 29 years old. Their ages do not match the flow of the story if Tae Soo-mi gave birth to both Woo Young-woo and Lee Joon-ho. In addition, Tae Soo-mi also described her son in an interview, saying “He seems to be using the computer all day”. This detail reassures drama fans that her son is different from the image of Lee Joon-ho.

▲The sudden appearance of more love lines

In the recent broadcast, Woo Young-woo and Lee Joon-ho finally kissed, forming the Whale Couple. At this moment, many viewers have also begun to guess which couple will be born in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, following the Whale Couple.

The relationships between Spring Sunshine Soo-yeon (Ha Yoon-kyung) and Tactician Kwon Min-woo (Joo Jong-hyuk) or Woo Young-woo’s best friend Dong Geu-ra-mi (Joo Hyun-young) and the Hairy restaurant’s owner (Im Sung-jae) are noteworthy, and the love line of Jung Myung-seok (Kang Ki-young) is also drawing keen attention. Earlier, when asked about Jung Myung-seok’s love line details, such as marriage and romance, Kang Ki-young said, “I can’t say anything since it will be a spoiler”, raising fans’ curiosity.

It is difficult to focus on portraying a love line in detail through “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” because of its formation of episodes. That’s why many audiences are worrying that love lines may appear suddenly and interfere with the flow of the story. Attention is drawn to whether “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which has increased the immersion and persuasiveness with the Whale Couple, will be able to keep the storyline and complete the love story neatly.

▲ Woo Young-woo is leaving for the United States?

When Tae Soo-mi found out that Woo Young-woo was her own daughter, her reaction changed from the episode in which she met Woo Gwang-ho and suggested going to the United States. Her tears when she met Woo Young-woo at “Taesan” were maternal love, but when she suggested going to the United States at “Woo Young-woo Kimbap“, it turned into a reaction of concern that she might miss the position of justice minister due to Woo Young-woo’s existence. With Tae Soo-mi being pointed out as the final villain of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, how Woo Young-woo will respond is the key in the future.

It is an unimaginable development for viewers that Woo Young-woo will accept Tae Soo-mi’s suggestion and leave for the United States. Rather, it is close to “poetic justice” for Tae Soo-mi to admit Woo Young-woo’s existence and give up the position of justice minister neatly.

In particular, ahead of the second act of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Park Eun-bin raised expectations for the ending, “Personally, I really like the final episode (episode 16). I felt a lot of pressure as an actress regarding what Young-woo wants to say, because it sums up everything that has happened before. However, as someone who had been enthusiastically rooting for Young-woo until the end, I was able to wrap up the drama with a warm heart.”

▲ Production cost recovery? PPL rushing at the last minute

Viewers acknowledge the existence of PPL (Pay Per Lead), but they cannot allow PPL to interfere with their immersion level. However, until now, many works decreased viewers’ immersion level, disrupted the flow and reduced interest through excessive PPL. On the other hand, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” continues to develop as there is almost no PPL. Viewers can naturally fall into the flow of the drama and become more immersed, leading to good word of mouth.

Some assumed that “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” was a terrestrial drama. They even imagined about PPL, including Dong Geu-ra-mi working at a sandwich franchise, Hanbada team eating steamed chicken for lunch and Woo Young-woo’s father running a franchise kimbap restaurant rather than “Woo Young-woo Kimbap”.

It is unlikely that “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which has led viewers well so far without interfering with the flow, will make a mistake at the end. However, viewers, who were tired of the development of “K-dramas” in the past, are watching “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” with a feeling of “just in case”.

ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 PM.

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