Lee Jong Suk reveals new couple item with IU on his way to a fan meeting in Thailand 

Lee Jong Suk allegedly carries a couple phone case with IU. 

On August 18, Lee Jong Suk appeared at Incheon International Airport to leave for his fan meeting in  Thailand. The “I Hear Your Voice” actor appeared in a smart, casual outfit. More importantly, netizens spot the actor using a phone case supposedly from the same pair as IU

The couple phone case in question has an image of Tom and Jerry on them. After seeing a corner of the image on Lee Jong Suk’s case, netizens guess he is using the one with Tom on it. 

Lee Jong Suk
Lee Jong Suk appeared in a smart outfit at the Incheon International Airport 
Lee Jong Suk-iu
Netizens extrapolate from a revealed corner of the image that he is using couple cases with IU. However, because the “LILAC” singer has not revealed the back of her phone case, they cannot be sure whether the actors are using couple items 
lee jong suk iu
Lee Jong Suk and IU have been maintaining a happy relationship since they went public in January this year 

Lee Jong Suk – IU publicly announced their relationship at the end of 2022. Since then, the couple has been showing more loving gestures in their public appearances. 

In April, IU mentioned the “Big Mouth” star with love, saying, “Of course, I talked about acting with my boyfriend. When I have a difficulty or have a scene where I don’t know well, I ask my boyfriend, Yoo In Na, and other colleagues and seniors for help a lot.”

Lee Jong Suk-iu
Lee Jong Suk and IU wore matching items 
lee jong suk iu
The “Broker” actress revealed in an interview that she talked about acting with her boyfriend a lot 

Source: X, naver 

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