Lee Ji Hyun refuted the allegation of Jewelry members’ conflict… “Cho Min Ah was the only member who did not receive the casting offer”

Jewelry Lee Ji Hyun responded to Cho Min Ah’s revelation of being ostracized by the other five members.

On February 28th, Lee Ji Hyun’s agency P&K Entertainment said, “The casting (of Cho Min Ah for a broadcast) has nothing to do with us”. 

Jo Min-ah

They added, “Since the casting depended on the broadcasting station, we didn’t decide on the combination of members to appear on the show”, adding “We received the casting offer from the broadcasting station so we have nothing to say (about the suspicion of Cho Min Ah being ostracized).”

Earlier on February 27th, Cho Min Ah explained the reason she was absent from Seo In Young’s wedding as well as rumors of a conflict between Jewelry members. 


At that time, she said, “Personally, I still keep in touch with Jewelry members”, adding “I also watched all the broadcasts, such as ‘Three Wheels’, ‘Sugarman’, and ‘Drink with God’, that the three joined without noticing me like hitting the back of my head”.

She complained, “I thought the three (Park Jung Ah, Seo In Young, and Lee Ji Hyun) wanted to make issues so I never asked them about that. However, every time they appeared on a show together, articles titled ‘Where’s Cho Min Ah?’, ‘Only Cho Min Ah was absent’, ‘They’re gathering without Cho Min Ah again?’, etc., keep pouring out”.


In addition, Cho Min Ah also confessed that she sent messages to Park Jung Ah and Lee Ji Hyun last year, saying she wanted to appear on a show with them, but received no answer. Regarding the reason she was absent from Seo In Young’s wedding, Cho Min Ah said, “I was not invited to her wedding, so how could I know where and what time it was?”.

Seo In Young and her non-celebrity businessman husband held their wedding in Seoul on February 26th. Jewelry members, including Park Jung Ah, Lee Ji Hyun, Ha Joo Yeon and Eun Jung, attended the ceremony.

Source: wikitree

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