Lee Je Hoon said he’d date someone 9 years younger, “I’m so lonely right now that I’m dying”

Actor Lee Je Hoon openly proposed that he is so lonely he doesn’t care about a 9-year-old age gap. 

Recently, a video titled “Lee Je Hoon × Kim Eui Sung × Pyo Ye Jin × Jang Hyuk Jin X Bae Yoo Ram, A Star Asks a Star!” was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of SBS. 

Lee Je-hoon

In the released video, the leading actors of “Taxi Driver 2” appeared and shared various stories.

Here, actress Pyo Ye Jin mentioned a past anecdote of Lee Je Hoon, saying, “I heard that (Lee Je Hoon) refused sharply when asked by his fans if a 9-year-old age gap is okay?”

Lee Je-hoon
Lee Je-hoon

Hearing this, Lee Je Hoon, who is approaching 40-year-old, corrected his answer by saying, “I think I said that almost 10 years ago, I don’t care about things like that anymore.” 

He made everyone laugh by saying earnestly, “I’m so lonely right now, I’m going to die. I want someone to come. Please.” 

Lee Je-hoon

In particular, Lee Je Joon knelt down to Jang Hyuk Jin’s words, “Is this an open courtship?” and shouted, “Please,” adding to the laughter.

Seeing how hopeless Lee Je Hoon looked, Pyo Ye Jin asked, “Then, please do a Kim Do Gi’s version of ‘See you tomorrow, noona’“, and Lee Je Hoon immediately reenacted the famous line.

Lee Je-hoon

Meanwhile, “Taxi Driver 2” is based on a webtoon of the same name, in which the mysterious taxi company Rainbow Transportation and taxi driver Kim Do Gi take revenge on behalf of the wronged victims.

Following season 1, Lee Je Hoon continues to lead season 2.

Source: Insight

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