“Taxi Driver 2” villain Kim Do Yoon was a scene-stealer who chased after “Hellbound” Yoo Ah In

The fact that actor Kim Do Yoon, who played a villain in “Taxi Driver 2”, played Lee Dong Wook, the Arrowhead leader in Netflix “Hellbound”, is drawing attention from netizens.

In the March 3rd episode of the SBS drama “Taxi Driver 2“, a new villain, the illegal apartment rental broker, Kang Pil Seung (Kim Do Yoon), was introduced. This is a tension-filled character with a calm yet charismatic appearance.

Kim Do-yoon

Thanks to Kim Do Yoon’s passionate performance, the 5th episode of “Taxi Driver 2” recorded 14.7% nationwide viewership ratings and 16.3% in the metropolitan area. Real-time ratings also peaked at 19.7%, breaking the personal record of the TV series.

In the meantime, a past acting project of Kim Do Yoon is attracting great attention. In particular, the actor transformed into Lee Dong Wook, “”the best scene stealer” in the 2021 Netflix original drama “Hellbound”. Lee Dong Wook was the leader of the Arrowhead, which fanatically follows New Truth Society, a cult led by Jeong Jin Soo (played by Yoo Ah In in season 1).


At the time, Kim Do Yoon stole the spotlight by putting fluorescent paint on his face and body and performing Internet broadcasts. He is also the person who shouted “Arrowheads! Arrowheads! Arrowheads!” in the drama. 

Kim Do-yoon

Kim Do Yoon made his face known to the public starting with the role of Japanese-speaking deacon Yang I Sam in the 2016 movie “The Wailing”. Since then, he has been active as a supporting actor in “Psychokinesis” and “Peninsula”, and has consistently shown his presence in dramas such as the tvN drama “Mental Coach Jegal”.

Netizens who heard the news left reactions such as “I really didn’t know”, “I didn’t notice because of the makeup”, and “His acting spectrum is amazing”.

Source: wikitree

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