Lee Hyo Ri, the adoptive family eventually shed tears…”Family is the best”

Singer Lee Hyo Ri met an adoptive family.

Episode 4 of tvN’s “Canada Check-in”, which aired on Jan 7th, depicted Lee Hyo Ri‘s meeting with Ryan’s family after a long journey.

As soon as Ryan saw Lee Hyo Ri, it approached without hesitation as if to express its joy. Seeing this, its adoptive family was moved to tears, “Such a beautiful scene. It’s amazing.

Lee hyori

After meeting Ryan’s family, Lee Hyo Ri conveyed special lingering feelings, “Family is the best.” The behind-the-scenes story between Ryan and its adoptive family gave warmth.

Besides, Lee Hyo Ri enjoyed Tofino, Canada’s best surfing holy land. From leisurely morning sea walk, shopping, bicycle riding, surfing at Cox Bay Beach to Korean food mukbang, Lee Hyo Ri’s Tofino Vlog provided pleasant attractions.

In addition, this episode depicted Lee Hyo Ri’s bazaar to help abandoned animals on Jeju Island after returning from Canada, so the story was more colorful than ever. It aired at 10:40 PM on Jan 7th.

Source: Daum

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