Lee Hyo-ri talks about the aftereffects of Covid-19 that she suffered, “I ate all the rotten kimchi”

Lee Hyo-ri said that she suffered from post-Covid conditions.

The new broadcast of TVing’s original show “Seoul Check-in”, which was released on June 3rd, showed Lee Hyo-ri coming back to Seoul for two weeks.

Meeting her manager after a long time, Lee Hyo-ri shared a story about when she was infected with Covid-19. She said, “I had a sore throat on the first day but it hurt only a little so I didn’t think that I had Covid-19. But it hurt a lot on the next days”. The manager also agreed, “It’s like coming back to life from death.”

lee hyori

Lee Hyo-ri continued, “I drank a whole bottle of wine when trying to overcome it at home. At first, I drank a small glass and found it less hurt in my throat. That’s why I drank up the whole bottle”, adding, “And from that day I became exhausted. I shouldn’t have been too confident about my health.”

She added, “I heard people lost their appetite when having Covid-19. My feeling for strong flavors, like sour and spicy, got weakened. So rotten kimchi, you can’t eat the kimchi that is kept for too long, right? I just ate them all by myself. I ate three meals a day with that kimchi.”

lee hyori

In addition, Lee Hyo-ri enjoyed a date in Seoul with Lee Sang-soon and expressed disappointment in her husband about the time she was having Covid-19. Lee Hyo-ri said, “When babies get Covid-19, mothers still sleep with them”, adding “Oppa, you slept separately”. 

In response, Lee Sang-soon explained, “You were sick. If I also got sick, who would take care of you?”. Lee Hyo-ri laughed and said, “But why were you sleeping separately and then wearing the mask I wore?”.

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