Lee Hyo Ri confessed worries about her sick father and desire to have children, “If I can go back to my 20s, I won’t become a celebrity”

Singer Lee Hyo Ri revealed her honest thoughts about family on “Check In Canada”.

On tvN’s “Check In Canada,” which aired on Dec 31st, Lee Hyo Ri shared stories about her family after meeting a harmonious family in Canada, which was a large family where 3 generations living together.

Lee Hyo Ri said, “Their family looks so harmonious”, adding “It’s definitely better to have a grandmother and children in the family rather than just a couple”. She confessed, “I’m living with you only, so I was kind of jealous of them”, expressing her envy for families with children.

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Lee Hyo Ri, who confessed to being fertile in the past, said to In Sook, an acquaintance who went to Canada with her, “Tell me how to give birth to three sons”, showing her desire for having children.

Suddenly thinking of her family in Seoul, Lee Hyo Ri said, “Our family members live in Seoul. I suddenly think that I live too far away from my family”, adding, “Some people like living far away from their parents-in-law. I think living close to them will feel more reassure”. She continued, “I suddenly miss my mom. I don’t call her often these days. We always talk about hard things and my dad is also sick, so I’m tired.”

Lee Hyori

Watching a video of In Sook and her father, Lee Hyo Ri said, “I’m not that close to my dad, but I’m tearing up watching this”. In Sook said, “When you weren’t there, I asked your father, ‘How was Hyo Ri when she was young?’. He said he felt proud of you.”

While having a meal together, In Sook spent time listening to Lee Hyo Ri’s honest feelings. When asked if she would still become a celebrity if she went back to when she was 20 years old, Lee Hyo Ri said, “No. I think I would prefer a normal life.” This year, Lee turned 44 years old.

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In her heyday, thanks to her overflowing talent and charms, Lee Hyo Ri was seen as a “celebrity of celebrities.” However, Lee drew a line that she would never be a celebrity again if she could turn back time.

Lee Hyo Ri said, “I felt this even more after coming to Canada. Getting married, having children, building a family. I want to live like that while raising a child,” she confessed.

Lee Hyo Ri married singer Lee Sang Soon in 2013, but they still don’t have any children yet. The couple, who are living in Jeju, said last year that they were preparing to have their first child. However, it was not easy for them as Lee Hyo Ri confessed that she is suffering from infertility on “Seoul Check In.”

Lee Hyori

She continued, “When I come here and see the whole thing, I feel like I’m a family-centered, calm, and energetic person. There are a lot of things that you can’t help but be swayed by when you’re a celebrity. My heart trembles just to think that people point fingers at me and blame me. So I’m confused about whether this life is right or wrong”. She added, “We have the plan, but it’s not as easy as we thought. Maybe because I’m old.”

At the end of the broadcast, there was also a scene of Lee Hyo Ri taking a walk with her husband in Jeju. Lee Hyo Ri said, “We’re quite family-oriented, but I felt that people were more family-oriented there (in Canada). Their grandmother, daughter, son, and even dog get along well with each other”. 

Lee Hyo Ri added, “I only focused on volunteering at the abandoned dog shelter, so I don’t think I made enough memories with our dogs. I need to make more memories with you”. Soon, she expressed her real intention, saying “To do that, we need to buy a camping car”, drawing laughter. 

Source: Daum

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