Lee Hyo Ri said on “Seoul Check-in”: “Kissing Lee Sang Soon is like kissing my arm”

Married couple Lee Hyo Ri and Lee Sang Soon confessed how their opinion on kissing has changed from their dating days.

In the 7th episode of tvN’s “Seoul Check-in,” which aired on Jan 2nd, Lee Hyo Ri and Lee Sang Soon couple went on a date in Seoul, and met Hong Hyun Hee and Jason couple.

Lee Hyori Lee Sang Soon

When Lee Sang Soon praised Lee Hyo Ri, who dressed up for the first time after a long while, and made a cheesy comment, Lee Hyo Ri smiled and said, “Go away.” Lee Hyo Ri then showed how jealous she was, referring to Hong Hyun Hee and Jason’s sweet affection on SNS. In response, Lee Sang Soon suggested, “Can’t we do it, too? Shall we kiss?

Lee Hyo Ri coolly kissed Lee Sang Soon on the lips, but she said grumpily, “I don’t feel anything. I feel like I’m kissing my arm.”

Lee Hyori Lee Sang Soon

Lee Sang Soon responded, “That’s too much,” and laughed, “But I like kissing you.” Lee Hyo Ri explained, “I like little peck on cheeks. I hate kissing,” to which Lee Sang Soon said, “There are things that you hate?” but Lee Hyo Ri said, “I hate kissing after I wake up, eat, and so on.

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But when we were in a relationship in the past, she didn’t care about that. I guess that means I don’t have bad breath, what happened?” he recalled their romantic days. Lee Sang Soon said, “Our relationship feels different over time, but there are still good things that remain,” and Lee Hyo-ri agreed, “Yes. We are still very happy every day.

Source: Sports Today

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