Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-soon’s “property” situation has been revealed

The property situation of couple Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-soon was mentioned on a recent broadcast.

In the “Woman Running the Chart” section of KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly” broadcast on January 28th, the special “Genius stars in building investment who have made tremendous profits from their brilliant investment sense” was decorated.Lee Sang

Lee Hyo-ri ranked 7th place in the TOP 10. Appearing on an entertainment program in the past, she said, “I bought houses when I made money. I sold them one by one when I was short of money”, drawing attention.

In fact, she sold her apartment in Samseong-dong to KARA member Park Gyu-ri for 2.1 billion won and sold her honeymoon house in Jeju Island to broadcaster JTBC for 1.4 billion won. Her house in Nonhyeon-dong was also sold to A for 3.8 billion won. Lee Hyo-ri, who earned a total of 7.3 billion won in assets sales alone, then bought a building in Handam-dong worth 5.8 billion won.

Lee Hyo-ri held only 69% of the building’s shares, and her husband Lee Sang-soon held 31%. Since the couple chose the joint name method, they even saved a large amount of tax.

The building that Lee Hyo-ri purchased for 5.8 billion won is known to have its price currently reach 8.5 billion won, drawing attention.

Earlier, it was revealed that Lee Sang-soon is the nephew of the CEO of Haeundae Beef Galbi Restaurant, a Busan restaurant chaebol. Since Lee Hyo-ri has not revealed much about her husband until now, the fact that Lee Sang-soon’s family is really rich made headlines.

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