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Lee Guk-joo was bewildered by a topless photo… “I’m still a woman”

“Comedy Big League” Lee Guk-joo was bewildered by a photo of a topless person presumed to be herself.

In the “married boss” section of tvN’s “Comedy Big League”, which aired on Oct 2nd, Lee Guk-joo began looking for a man to marry her.

On this day, Lee Guk-joo appeared in a red T-shirt and military pants on the soccer field concept set. She expressed pride “I followed Lee Hyo-ri‘s style”, but the colleagues next to her teased her, “You look like a Gochujang can for business use.”

Afterwards, Lee Guk-joo explained the reason for visiting the soccer field, “When you score a goal, don’t you hug everyone and become close?” However, male colleagues made viewers laugh by hugging each other except Lee Guk-joo.

Lee Guk-joo emphasized, “What’s wrong with you? When I said ‘Korea’ during the 2002 World Cup, everyone looked at me.” Then, a male colleague revealed a photo, saying, “You must have seen it somewhere.” The photo showed a topless large-sized man, causing laughter. Lee Guk-joo was furious, saying, “I’m still your female senior. Do you dare appear at Gwanghwamun like this?”

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