Although she’s rich, BLACKPINK’s Jennie still keeps these habits that make fans love her even more 

Jennie is a top star, but she actually has a humble lifestyle.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie is the epitome of “young and rich”. As a top K-pop idol with a successful career, various endorsement deals with luxury brands domestically and globally, Jennie’s net worth is simply mind blowing for a 26-year-old. However, Jennie in real life surprisingly has a humble lifestyle.

Recently, Jennie appeared at the airport to depart for France to attend Paris Fashion Week. Besides Jennie’s chic visuals, fans’ attention was drawn to her Boontheshop shopping bag. This is the bag that Jennie was seen carrying for the first time in August. She has repeatedly used this for 4 more times. Notably, the bag was even torn, but Jennie still keeps using it by fixing it with tapes. 

In February 2021, Jennie posted a photo of her breakfast including a slice of bread with butter. Fans noticed that the butter’s expiration date was October 30, 2020, which means it had expired for over 3 months. This is not the first time Jennie was spotted using expired products. In a video uploaded to her channel, fans were shocked when Jennie comfortably used expired condensed milk. 

One time in the studio, Rosé discovered that the pants Jennie was wearing were exactly the same as hers. The female idol was quite shocked when Jennie bought her pants for only $15 while she had to pay like $1,000 for her own. The main vocalist of BLACKPINK has always admired Jennie’s ability to purchase items at incredibly low prices.

Not only that, but Jennie also has a talent for bargaining. BLACKPINK members once shared that the female idol often bargains when shopping by doing cute aegyo to ask the seller to give her a discount. On the show “Who, Me?”, Jisoo revealed that when Jennie was sure the seller wouldn’t give her a discount, she would ask if they could give her a small gift instead.

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