Lee Do Hyun’s new drama with a senior who is 16 years older got criticized for its concept of a minor student-teacher love

Only revealed its posters not long ago, Lee Do Hyun and Im Soo Jung’s new drama “Melancholia” received harsh criticism for one thing.

After the release of its poster, tvN’s new drama “Melancholia” starring Im Soo Jung and Lee Do Hyun has been criticized intensely. The film is set in a private high school where corruptions and teacher biasing students are everywhere. A love story, which is more beautiful than mathematics, between a math teacher and a math genius begins here. Together the two will fight against the traditional prejudices and outdated norms.

Melancholia drama
Melancholia drama

However, many Korean netizens have given harsh criticism to the phrase written on the poster of Baek Seung Yo (Lee Do Hyun), “Math and you, I cannot just like both”. Most netizens expressed their frustration with the sensitive student-teacher concept that the drama may tell about. Moreover, they also pointed out that the age gap between the two actors is also problematic. In fact, actress Im Soo Jung was born in 1979, and Lee Do Hyun is a 1995-born actor. Therefore, they have an age difference of up to 16 years.

The caption sparked controversy: “The world that I see through the eyes of mathematics, and you”
  • Is this another story of ‘I’m the teacher you’re the student’?”
  • “This is like a drama caption from 20 years ago.”
  • “This is very tacky.”
  • “Hmm…The caption on the poster is the issue I think.”
  • “Is there still someone exploiting this type of storyline?”

Melancholia will officially premiere on November 3 on tvN.

Source: K14, AK

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