Lee Da-in loses to Namkoong Min in “this vote” “No, it should be me, my self-esteem is hurt”

Actress Lee Da-in (real name Lee Ra-yoon, 31) expressed her passionate affection for Yoo Gil-chae (Ahn Eun-jin), causing laughter

On Nov 15th, Lee Da-in posted a screenshot of a vote conducted on the portal site Naver. The vote’s title is “‘My Dearest‘ Jang-hyun vs Eun-ae, who loves Gil-chae the most?”.

In MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “My Dearest”, Lee Da-in plays Kyung Eun-ae, actor Namkoong Min (45) plays Lee Jang-hyun, and actress Ahn Eun-jin (32) plays Yoo Gil-chae. In the drama, Jang-hyun and Gil-chae are in a loving relationship, while Eun-ae has a deep friendship with Gil-chae.

my dearest-lee da in behind the scene

However, looking at the voting results captured by Lee Da-in, netizens overwhelmingly chose Jang-hyun. A total of 44,447 people participated, and Jang-hyun received 36,622 votes, capturing 82% support, while Eun-ae received 7,825 votes, capturing 17% support.

Lee Da-in added the caption “No, it should be me, my self-esteem is hurt“, bringing laughter. This highlights Lee Da-in’s “My Dearest” love, to the point that she cannot hide her affection for Yoo Gil-chae even in real life.

my dearest-lee da in behind the scene

Lee Da-in’s love for “My Dearest” is exceptional. At the time of wrapping up “My Dearest” Part 1, Lee Da-in shared several behind-the-scenes photos taken with fellow actors, saying, “I feel so sad as Season 1, which we filmed for 8 months, is over. Let’s gather strength again for Season 2. My Dearest.”

In addition, Lee Da-in confessed the reason for deciding to appear in “My Dearest”, “First of all, I remember reading the script without noticing the passage of time because it was a well-structured script. The more I read the script, the more fun and exciting it became. The thought of wanting to be a part of this work captivated my heart.

my dearest-lee da in behind the scene

“My Dearest” has only 2 episodes left until the end. It will end on Nov 18th. Viewers are keenly interested in how the love of Yoo Gil-chae and Lee Jang-hyun will conclude.

Meanwhile, Lee Da-in, who married singer-actor Lee Seung-gi (36) last April, is currently pregnant.

Earlier this month, Lee Da-in’s agency 9ato Entertainment announced her pregnancy.

The agency stated, “We want to deliver precious and joyous news that has come to Lee Da-in and her family. Thankfully, a precious life has arrived for Lee Da-in. At the moment, Lee Da-in is preparing to welcome the blessing that will come in February next year, prioritizing health and stability.”

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