Lee Da Hae and Se7en’s Pre-Wedding Moves Make Headlines, Bada and Daughter’s Gesture Captivates Fans

Lee Da Hae and Se7en made headlines with their pre-wedding activities, while the gesture from Bada and her daughter (former member of S.E.S) also caught a lot of attention.

Lee Da Hae and Se7en, the recently much-talked-about celebrity couple, will be moving in together after their wedding ceremony on May 6. Ahead of their big day, fans have been eagerly following the couple’s every move. On April 17, Lee Da Hae shared a series of photos on her personal social media account of her and Se7en having a meal at Bada‘s (former member of S.E.S) home.

Lee Da HaeSe7en

Among the photos, there is a particularly romantic shot of Lee Da Hae and Se7en that could easily be mistaken for a scene from a romantic movie.

Additionally, Lee Da Hae also posted a short video of Bada and her daughter, which was met with delight from fans. In the video, Bada’s young daughter can be seen dancing cutely to the song “I’m Your Girl,” which is closely associated with her mother’s name. Bada and her daughter also sent their early congratulations to Lee Da Hae and Se7en.

Lee Da Hae Se7en
It’s worth noting that Bada and Lee Da Hae are close friends in the entertainment industry, and the former S.E.S member is considered one of Lee Da Hae’s best friends
Lee Da HaeSe7en
The romantic photo of Lee Da Hae and Se7en has captured the attention of fans, who can’t help but imagine the couple’s love story playing out like a scene from a romantic movie.
Bada and her daughter’s sweet message of congratulations added to the warm and loving atmosphere surrounding Lee Da Hae and Se7en’s upcoming nuptials.

Se7en also appears to be on good terms with Bada, as the two were seen having a cheerful moment together in one of the photos.

Lee Da Hae and Se7en have been public about their relationship since 2016, but they actually started dating in 2015. While they initially knew each other through mutual friends, Lee Da Hae admitted to not being close to Se7en at first and even wanting to maintain some distance. It wasn’t until Se7en took the initiative to invite Lee Da Hae to a party with his friends that she began to develop feelings for him.

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