Lee Byung Hun and “Crash Landing on You” writer Park Ji Eun officially invited to Stanford University’s conference

Actor Lee Byung Hun and writer Park Ji Eun, who is famous for “Crash Landing on You”, will attend a Hallyu conference at Stanford University to convey K-content’s excellence.

Lee Byung Hun and writer Park were officially invited to a conference held by Stanford University’s Asia-Pacific Research Center (APRAC) on April 19th (local time) under the theme of “The Future of Hallyu: Korean Cinema on the Global Stage”. The two will hold various events, including attending the conference and sharing their thoughts on K-content through conversations with Stanford’s professors.

Walter H. Shorenstein APRAC, which organizes the event, said through SNS, “Lee Byung Hun and writer Park will attend the conference as headliners.”

Through the official poster of the event, APRAC mentioned the dramas “Squid Game”, “Mr. Sunshine” and “Iris” as Lee Byung Hun’s representative works. As for writer Park, it was introduced that she wrote “Crash Landing on You” and “My Love from the Star”.

Under the theme of “Behind the Silver Screen: Writing a K-Drama”, writer Park will have a conversation with Professor Lee Young Jin of Stanford University’s Theater and Performance Studies Department.

Lee Byung Hun will participate in the final sequence of the conference. Through a session called “From Iris to Squid Game: Conversation with Lee Byung Hun”, he will talk about K-content with Dafna Zur, an associate professor of Stanford University’s East Asian Languages and Cultures Department.

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Aside from the two, Professor Christopher Hanscom of UCLA’s Asian Languages and Cultures Department and Professor Kim Joo Ok of Texas A&M University’s Communication Department will participate in the event to suggest the future direction for K-content.

Meanwhile, APRAC has been running the “Korea Program”, a specialized center for Korean studies, for a long time. Last year, a K-pop-themed conference was held to celebrate its 20th anniversary. EXO Suho attended the event and shared his experiences as a K-pop singer, while SM Entertainment’s former executive producer Lee Soo Man made a speech.

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