LE SSERAFIM on “K-Pop Generation”: “We want to break the limits of girl groups”

LE SSERAFIM appeared in episode 5 “Girl’s Rule” of TVING’s original documentary “K-Pop Generation”, which was released on March 16th.

On this day, LE SSERAFIM shared their honest thoughts on growth, competition and efforts as a female K-pop artist, and exchanged questions they wanted to ask each other.

le sserafim

The five members opened episode 5 with the ambition “We want to break the limits of girl groups. We believe that you can find a new self only when you overcome the limits“. They revealed their strong inner self, “There are many moments where I lose confidence when I compare myself with others. I accept myself as I am even when I don’t like it“, “The five of us are also strong and cool on the inside. I want people to know that as well.

le sserafim

LE SSERAFIM looked at each other’s past in 5 rooms containing each member’s history, and had time to ask and answer questions that arose here. The members, who faced the rooms full of their own stories, including ballet clothes, graduation photos and unfamiliar foreign scenery, smilingly said, “We’ve lived really differently. Everyone can tell that each member’s color is clear.

Kazuha, who said that she focused on the excitement of moving to a new world rather than realistic concerns when quitting ballet, and Hong Eun Chae, who tried to prove that coming to this place was not luck but skills, showed sweat and effort to overcome the limitations. Sakura, who came to Korea with the determination “There’s nowhere to go. This team is the last for me“, Huh Yun Jin, who met LE SSERAFIM by fate while preparing for the college entrance exam, and Kim Chae Won, who went back to being a trainee and and started over from basic skills, showed traces of their fierce lives. At the end of episode 5, the members said, “We, who gathered with different histories, will make a history as LE SSERAFIM in the future.

Source: Daum

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