Lawyer points out HYBE’s illegal activities “Executives may face criminal charges”

HYBE's illegal activities have been pointed out

On the YouTube channel “Inheritance Unboxing” on June 7th, lawyer Noh Jong-eon, the CEO of the law firm Jonjae, stated, “Many lawyers predicted that Min Hee-jin’s request for an injunction against HYBE would be difficult to approve, but the prediction was wrong.”

He continued, “The court found it difficult to prove the non-existence of grounds for dismissal and decided that HYBE must guarantee Min Hee-jin’s term unless there were special reasons, which means HYBE had to prove her breach of trust. This is a very reasonable decision because proving non-existence is practically impossible.”

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Regarding the court’s statement that “even if Min Hee-jin’s actions could be considered acts of betrayal towards HYBE“, lawyer Noh Jong-eon explained, “This isn’t about whether she initiated an act of breach of trust, but rather that there was no basis to determine breach of trust in the first place.”

He clarified that the term “betrayal” is not a legal term, adding, “It’s about whether there was an act that violated the trust relationship. It doesn’t mean the court officially labeled her a betrayer.”

He also pointed out that the court found some grounds in Min Hee-jin’s claims of discrimination against NewJeans and the problem of album pushing within the agency, noting, “The actions HYBE took against Min Hee-jin happened first, which also damaged the trust relationship.”

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Additionally, lawyer Noh Jong-eon addressed the issue of HYBE publicly disclosing KakaoTalk conversations with the shaman, saying, “HYBE claimed through an audit that Min Hee-jin had leaked many business secrets through countless KakaoTalk messages, which led to much debate.”

He further explained, “Min Hee-jin never agreed to HYBE’s use of her personal KakaoTalk data. HYBE doesn’t have the authority to comprehensively consent to Min Hee-jin’s private conversations.”

The lawyer concluded, “The court did not consider the submitted KakaoTalk content as business secrets. They did not even consider them as admissible evidence but rather of no value. This must be very disappointing for HYBE.”

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He emphasized, “Releasing all of Min Hee-jin’s KakaoTalk conversations to the media could be seen as a significant infringement on the CEO’s independent management. This issue touches on private surveillance and civilian monitoring, which are problematic under the constitution. The constitution guarantees freedom of communication and privacy, which are among its most important values.”

Lawyer Noh Jong-eon also argued, “Leaking the KakaoTalk conversations to the media constitutes a serious illegal act and a breach of contract. Judging solely from the injunction ruling, it appears HYBE violated the contract.

A legal expert who requested anonymity said, “HYBE’s act of releasing Min Hee-jin’s personal KakaoTalk conversations with the shaman to the media without her consent could potentially be a violation of the Communication Secret Protection Act and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, and could be subject to criminal penalties.”

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