LABOUM’s sudden disbandment out of nowhere? “No confirmation yet”

Disbandment rumors of idol group LABOUM have emerged as a hot topic.

LABOUM’s management staff told iMBC Entertainment on August 11th, “We have heard reports about the disbandment. It is not a settled issue. We will summarize and deliver our exact position later.”


On the same day, Star News reported that LABOUM will disband after August. Currently, LABOUM’s agency is a subsidiary of Interpark Music Plus. After Yanolja acquired Interpark, the company terminated its management agency business which resulted in LABOUM taking steps to disband.

Since then, an insider at Interpark Music Plus said to Joy News 24 that the termination of its exclusive contract with LABOUM has been confirmed.


LABOUM debuted in 2014 with the single “PETIT MACARON”. In 2017, they topped the music show chart with the title track “Hwi Hwi” from their second mini album. However, Yul-hee withdrew the same year, and Yoo-jung withdrew in 2021, leading to the team promoting as a four-member team. The group has been loved for their hit songs “Journey to Atlantis,” “Hwi hwi,” and “Body Temperature,” and they recently released their third mini-album “Blossom” in November last year.

Source: daum

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