Krystal’s graduation photos from 10 years ago suddenly become a hot topic 

The graduation photos of Krystal back in 2013 are going viral across the net thanks to her stunning visuals. 

As Korean high school graduation ceremonies are being held and graduation photos of 4th gen Kpop idols draw attention, old graduation photos of idols from previous generations are also going viral. Among them, Krystal’s stunning visuals of 10 years ago has become a hot topic. 

In particular, Krystal, who graduated from Hanlim Performing Arts High School in February 2013, boasted chic, elegant, and extremely alluring charm. 

Krystal graduate
Krystal graduate
Krystal showed up at her graduation ceremony in light makeup, showing off her glowing and flawless skin 
Krystal graduate
Dressed in a school uniform and brown wavy hair, the youthful Krystal easily draws eyes
Krystal graduate
Simply styled, but Krystal still exuded an unrivaled chic aura 
Krystal graduate
Krystal graduate
However, when she smiled, the idol-actress radiated a sweet liveliness, creating an alluring contrast. 

Below are some comments about Krystal’s graduation photos: 

  • No wonder SM casted Krystal since as early as 5 years old
  • It is impossible for Krystal to not go viral
  • These photos are simply legendary among idols’ graduation photos
  • She still looks the same now, super elegant, chic, and charming
  • My eyes can’t help but be glued to Krystal, both then and now 

Source: k14

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