Krystal quietly paid for a fan’s meal that cost 90,000 won 

A heartwarming story of how Krystal treated her fan has been revealed. 

On November 6, netizen A shared an anecdote of meeting Krystal at a Chinese restaurant in Seoul, saying, “I’m telling a story about Jung Soo Jung” on their SNS.

In the photo posted by A, Krystal was eating comfortably while wearing a hat and an apron.


A said, “I was very nervous, but I was afraid that if I trembled while giving a note, everyone else would come and make an uncomfortable situation, so I just passed like an employee and put a note on her table. When I delivered the note, Krystal laughed.”

In the note, a message was written by A to support Krystal’s next work, saying, “I’m preparing for the entrance exam, but I really want to succeed and film a movie later on. I like you. Please always be healthy and happy.”


After that, A, who was eating hot pot with a trembling heart, was suddenly told by an employee that “someone else paid for you” and was surprised that Krystal quietly paid for their meal when she left.

At the time, A, who had a meal worth about 90,000 won, revealed, “I only paid the difference of 3,000 won after the meal. Did I just eat what Jung Soo Jung bought?”


Netizens left comments on this story such as “Wow, that’s really cool of her”, “I’ll have to go to that restaurant too”, “I want to eat food Soo Jung unnie bought for me too”.

Meanwhile, Krystal is about to appear in the movie “Cobweb” with actors Song Kang Ho, Im Soo Jung, Oh Jung Se, and Jeon Yeo Been.

Source: nate

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