Kris Wu’s ex girlfriend – Du Meizhu unexpectedly announced her acting debut in a crime-solving film project 

Netizens were confused at the career change. 

Speaking of Du Meizhu, the audience could not forget the courageous woman who stood up to tell the truth of Wu Yifan’s crimes and put him behind bars. However, fans were left speechless when she officially stepped into showbiz. 

KRis Wu
Du Meizhu stepped into showbiz after putting Wu Yifan in prison 

On Weibo, a photo of Du Meizhu officially “expanding” into showbiz as an actress. She was said to be participating in the crime-solving film project “Young Goddess of Detective” (literal translation) co-starring Li Yichen. The film project was introduced as “Using the body of the morals to be with the gods” (literal translation.) 

Du Meizhu stars as the female lead of the series 
The male lead Li Yichen 

Currently, there is no specific information about the series. Apart from the two leading characters being introduced, the crew has not released a shooting schedule or a synopsis. The news of Du Meizhu becoming an actress confused the public. While she was a key factor in bringing Wu Yifan’s crime to light, at the end, Du Meizhu still has a long way to become an actress. 

Several netizens’ comments: 

  • Has Du Meizhu been through professional training? Has she learnt acting? 
  • I don’t think she has enough quality to star in a series. 
  • Showbiz is meeting its demise. 

On the other hand, some people believed she made a smart move by starring in a crime-solving series. The 2001-born actor Li Yichen is also recognized from some previous works he appeared in, including “Water Boys” and “Divine Destiny” starring Angelababy. 

Source: Weibo

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