Kpop tattoos is a way to “branded” oneself for a man? Netizens’ furious reactions

A recent user on Internet forum Reddit has been buried in condemnation after criticizing his fiancée’s Kpop tattoo. 

For Kpop fans, there are various ways to show their love to their favorite Kpop artists, from buying albums and going to concerts, to getting Kpop-related tattoos. However, due to tattoos being a rather permanent decision, and Kpop still being looked down upon in many countries, such a method may not be advocated. 


Recently, the topic of Kpop tattoos has become a hot topic on the Internet forum reddit. In particular, on March 19th, a user published on the community “r/AmItheAsshole” an article with the title, “AITA for asking my fiancée to remove her kpop tattoo?”

In the (now deleted) thread, the Reddit user revealed that he is a 32-year-old male engaged to a 27-year-old female, who is a Kpop fan. However, the man’s fiancée has a tattoo that he has an issue with. 

“When she was 18/19ish, she got a tramp stamp tattoo of a mascot of her favorite kpop group that use bunny rabbits that represent them. The one she has wears a red mask/bandanna since that’s the one that represents her favorite member of the group”, the man wrote, referring to Bang Yongguk, a member of boy group B.A.P. 

He also continued, “Ever since the first time I’ve seen this tattoo and she explained the meaning, I’ve sort of had an issue with it for two reasons. One, the tattoo is in representation of another man, and to me, it feels like she has branded herself for that man, and two, I view kpop as a childish thing and expect tweens to be into it, like Justin Bieber or One Direction”.

According to the Reddit user, he recently asked his fiancée if she ever planned on removing the tattoo, to which she replied negatively. Then, the man explained how he felt about the tattoo, and was called “stupid” by his fiancée. 

“I then told her that her tattoo still screams “I’ve branded myself for a man” and people get tattoos of real musicians, not fades and told her I expected it to be gone by the wedding day”, the Reddit user also said, adding that his fiancée has since called him an asshole and has not talked to him nor slept with him ever since. 

Finally, he concluded the story by saying that he doesn’t think he is wrong, maintaining that his reasons are understandable, and that “many other married men” will see where he’s coming from. He also asked the Internet to judge if he’s an asshole. 

BTS Jungkook Tatto
BTS Jungkook tattoo

The results, unsurprisingly, are that most people side with the Reddit user’s fiancée, and demeaning him for getting stupid ideas about how getting a tattoo means she has “branded herself”. Many netizens also stated that the fiancée should be able to do whatever she wants with her body, and that her Kpop hobby also deserves to be respected. 

Some even commented that they hope the poster’s fiancée’s “dump his ass” for viewing Kpop as a childish thing, and for being overly controlling over her body. 

Source: Reddit

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