Kpop idols who broke companie rules since they were trainees

As most Kpop agencies have extremely strict rules, many Kpop idols would sneakily break these rules during their trainee time.

Before getting to hit the stage and earning the love of fans, all Kpop idols have to experience extremely rigorous training periods. During this time, besides their insane practice schedules, Kpop idols also have to follow strict rules from their companies – and while some adhere to these rules, many find sneaky ways to bypass them.

The sneaky methods Kpop idols use to break company rules are now interesting stories to tell fans

Soobin & Huening Kai (TXT) 

During a livestream, Soobin and Huening Kai shared that they had to break the company role to have a good sleep. In particular, the duo would sneak to the studio hall, where there are no supervising cameras, in the middle of practice, to sleep.  


When she appeared on the TV program “My Little Old Boy”, the main vocal of BLACKPINK shared about her training period and the time she tried to sneak snacks inside the company. In particular, trainees were banned from bringing snacks into YG, so Rosé would take out her pillow’s filling and stuffed the cover with food, successfully bringing them in.

However, Rosé’s plan wasn’t successful for long, as a cleaner tried to clean the pillow and heard the rustles of food packaging. The female idol was caught red-handed. 


RM, along with other BTS members, have broken their company rules multiple times. On one occasion, he was eating ice-cream with V when an employee walked in, and tried to hide the food by shoving it into their bags.

On an episode of “Yoo Quiz On The Block”, RM also shared about a time when he tried to break the strict diet and eat Jajangmyeon.  

In particular, he pretended to have a stomachache while BTS was practicing, dashed to a nearby restaurant, and inhaled his favorite dish in 2 bites. The leader of BTS then came back as quickly as possible to not be detected.

Tzuyu (TWICE) 

The diet of TWICE members used to be strictly monitored by JYP, and dishes like Jokbal (Korean Pig’s Trotters) were completely banned. Unable to skip out on this dish, Tzuyu, Momo, and Sana would order it to their window, then use their shoestrings to pull the food up to avoid surveillance cameras. 

YooA (Oh My Girl)

To achieve her doll-like figure of today, YooA had a hard time following extremely strict eating regimes, where hamburgers are completely out of the question. One time when she was a trainee, the female idol sneakily ordered a burger, but was spotted by a staff member, and had to finish her food in the toilet to not be reprimanded.

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