Kpop idols who are in charge of two major positions in their groups

Each member of a Kpop group provides their own different skill sets, but some are so talented they carry more than one role. 

Kpop idols are famous not only for their beauty but also for their talent. In fact, some are so capable, they take up two major positions in their group. Despite bearing such heavy responsibilities, however, these Kpop idols never fail to bring the most satisfying performances and excite their fans. 


Taeyong (NCT 127) 

In the Kpop industry, NCT stands out for their staggering number of members and unit-based activities. In the major unit NCT 127, Taeyong is both the main rapper and the main dancer. His astonishing abilities helped the male idol conquered numerous fans and become the  

Taeyong is in charge of both dancing and rapping in NCT 127. 
Taeyong’s stage presence is always showered with praises. 

Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)

Moonbyul is both the main rapper and dancer of MAMAMOO. With her bold style and strong husky voice, nobody can deny her charm. At the moment, Moonbyul is also promoting as a solo artist who’s capable of doing almost everything on stage. 

Moonbyul has a uniquely deep rapping tone. 
Alongside being the main rapper and dancer of MAMAMOO, Moonbyul also promotes as a soloist. 

Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation) 

While Girls’ Generation is no longer as active as before, they are still undoubtedly a legendary girl group. During her active years as a member of the “nation’s girl group”, Hyoyeon, the main rapper and dancer, truly stood out with a rebellious image and personality fitting of her positions. 

Hyoyeon during Girls’ Generation’s promotions
The “dancing machine” of Girls’ Generation is also the group’s main rapper. 
Hyoyeon is gearing up for a solo comeback on May 16th 


Among idols of Kpop 4th generation, Mia is a rare case where the main vocalist and main dancer is the same person. However, she receives too much screen time and lines compared to her group mates, to the point that netizens labeled EVERGLOW as “Mia and friends”. 

Netizens complain that EVERGLOW’s agency YueHua focuses too much on Mia. 
This main vocalist and dancer takes up so much line distributions that EVERGLOW basically becomes “Mia and friends”. 

Taemin (SuperM)

In 2008, Taemin made his first debut as the main dancer of SHINee. Over a decade later when he joined SM’s project supergroup SuperM in 2019, he took on both main vocal and main dancer positions, proving his incredible improvement in talents over the years. 

Having the highest seniority in SuperM, Taemin is also the group’s main vocal and dancer 
Taemin has long been known as one of the best K-pop performers

Mimi (Oh ​​My Girl)

Many main rappers in girl groups are also in charge of being main dancers, and Mimi is one of them. Although Oh My Girl is the most popular for their refreshing, dreamy concept and dynamic charm, Mimi stands out for her bold and fierce rapper image. 

Mimi stands out among Oh My Girl members with a different color 
Fans always urge the company to push Mimi more because she has great potential

Yoojung (Weki Meki)

Like Mimi, Yoojung is both the main rapper and main dancer of Weki Meki. Having been recognized as an all-rounder since her Produce and I.O.I days, Yoojung has yet to successfully grab much attention as a Weki Meki member, making netizens feel sorry for her overflowing talent and charm. 

Along with Doyeon, Yoojung is a core member of Weki Meki. 
She can rock different concepts, but Weki Meki still struggles to blow up 

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