Korean stars at formal meetings: Best dresser Yoo Ah-in vs Worst dresser Kim Soo-hyun

Who are the Korean stars with the best and worse formal outfits?

At formal meetings, there are stars who often receive praise for their perfect styling wherever they go, and there are also stars who are so disappointing that we just want to hit their foreheads as soon as we see them. Now, let’s take a look at some familiar faces.

▶ Thumbs up!

Netflix original series “Hellbound” press conference_Yoo Ah-in. Yoo Ah-in posed in an all-black costume in front of a dark background, but he did not give the feeling of being buried at all. Yoo Ah-in’s confident attitude also played a part, but his outfit’s special details created a perfect public appearance look. From triangular stitch decorations embroidered with the shirt’s collars to belt points featuring small triangle buckles. On top of that, wide pants with zip-up details and round-nosed derby shoes with wild outsoles were matched to make a trendy yet chic all-black look for Yoo Ah-in.

yoo ah in

▶ Pretty!

The 26th Chunsa International Film Festival_Jeon Do-yeon. How many people in Korea can pull off a girly yet retro-inspired setup so elegantly? Jeon Do-yeon layered a white cropped jacket with a spacious sailor collar and a maxi skirt featuring feminine silhouette with pintuck details. On top of that, she matched white stockings and strap sandals with buckle decorations to complete an unpredictable award ceremony styling. It was a stroke of genius to finish the look neatly with see-through bang hair without any accessories. Jeon Do-yeon’s public appearance look highlighted her perfect fashion sense that everyone wanted to resemble.

jeon do yeon

▶ So-so

MBC’s “My Teenage Girl” press conference_Aiki. Aiki paid attention to details with a power shoulder blazer, chain necklace and buckle belt. Even the silk piping point embroidered with velvet setup reminded us of a tuxedo, boasting a perfect matchup with the female dancer. However, her long boots with the ends folded out were a little bit too much. They brought about an ambiguous boundary, resulting in an optical illusion that made Aiki look chunky. 


▶ Who was the coordinator?

The 26th Chunsa International Film Festival_Goo Hye-sun. Goo Hye-sun always boasts her vampire beauty to the extent that we cannot tell how old she is, but her fashion is so consistent. Goo Hye-sun embarrasses her fans with her fashion that cannot erase the strangely tacky feeling whenever she stands in front of the public. At this awards ceremony, she made a bold attempt to choose a puff shoulder midi dress with an intensity that caught everyone’s eye. However, a dress made of stiff glossy materials was too excessive. By matching it with white stockings and pumps, the actress seemed to have returned to the 80s. 

goo hye sun

▶ Oh, no!

Coupang Play series “One Ordinary Day” press conference_Kim Soo-hyun. Kim Soo-hyun stood on stage with chubby cheeks as if he had gained a little bit of weight. He layered a gray-tone turtleneck and a picket T-shirt in a velvet suit that did not complement his body shape at all. Although the combination of a suit and sneakers has always been Kim Soo-hyun’s winning combination, the mismatch in material and color brought a disaster that made Kim Soo-hyun look stuffy and fatter. 

kim soo hyun
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