ARMYs were shocked to know that there is a BTS shrine in Japan, “They are still alive though”

ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) raged after it is revealed that a shrine, where Japanese honor and enshrine native gods and dead people as gods, is currently operated in Japan under the name of BTS.


The article centers around the “BTS shrine” in Japan has recently become a hot topic in all online communities.

Details related to the BTS shrine such as its official website and Tiktok account were also discovered. According to online posts, it was found out that the BTS shrine is actually in operation in Shizuoka, Japan.

BTS shrine

A shrine is a place where native Japanese gods are enshrined, and more than 100,000 shrines are currently operated in Japan as religious facilities and tourist attractions.

Most people found it unreasonable to name BTS who are living people, in a shrine, and enshrine them as gods. As a result of confirmation, there is a golden Avalokitesvara statue in the shrine. Posters of BTS members are also placed next to it to allow visitors to come and pray. According to SNS posts, this shrine has been operated under the name of BTS since last year.

The problem is that this shrine with BTS’s faces is being used for commercial purposes. In fact, it is known that the number of fans and ordinary tourists visiting the shrine has increased sharply ever since it was operated as “BTS shrine”.

This “BTS shrine” is open from 10 A.M to 4 P.M and an admission ticket worth 20,000 won is required for each entry. Special pray with a ritual specialist costs about 50,000 won.

Korean netizens were outraged upon knowing about this “BTS shrine”. They reacted, “I want to curse”, “Are they crazy?”, “What’s funnier is that this happens in a country where portrait rights are really strict. Why are they making money from BTS’s name?”, “The company has to sue them and ban this place”, They need to be sued”, “They violated the trademark rights”, etc.

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