Lee Se-young savagely told a ghost when she was a kid, “You startled me, unnie” 

Lee Se-young recalled meeting a ghost and called her “Unnie” on “Knowing Bros.”

Lee Se-young recently guested in the 320th episode of JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros,” which aired on February 19.

On this day, Lee Se-young said during “Guess what” time, “There is something shocking I witnessed and said when I was young. What do you think it is?” As a result, Kang Ho-dong set the answers’ direction for a ghost story, and when an accurate answer was not given, Lee Se-young said, “It happened when I was in middle school and it was on a mountain path. It’s something I told a ghost,” giving a hint.

Knowing Bros

The answer was “You startled me, unnie.Lee Se-young said, “I was at home, but I didn’t have a cell phone, and my mom asked me to come to meet her on the home phone. There was a boulevard and a mountain path from my house to the station. I went on the mountain path. My mom didn’t come, so I called from a store, and she said she already came home. So I went back to the mountain path. On the way to the mountain path, I ran into a ghost and said, “You startled, unnie.” The ghost was using a cell phone and had long hair, but she didn’t have a face. I went home right away without looking back because I thought she would harm me.”

Knowing Bros

Lee Se-young continued, “I like ghost stories and enjoy watching scary shows.” Lee Se-young said, “I was watching a broadcast about the lead opening a box he found at the door after someone suddenly rang the doorbell. I was holding my breath and the doorbell of my house suddenly rang. There was no one, but the light turned on. The delivery may have come and gone, but the bell was rang once again, and no one was there. Usually in movies, ghosts come the moment you open the door and say, “What is this?” She said, “I took some coarse salt with me, opened the door a little, sprayed it, and told him (the ghost) to leave.” 

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