Korean media shamed Gucci for sending an insincere apology

Luxury brand Gucci recently issued an apology regarding their after party for Gucci Cruise 2024, after the police were called to the scene. 

Recently, Gucci held an after party for their Gucci Cruise 2024 late in the night, creating so much noise they received heavy criticisms from nearby residents. 


As a result, 52 complaints were sent to the police, who dispatched 9 patrol teams and 1 riot squad to handle the situation. Gucci itself also received a penalty notice, and is said to have sent an apology to Korean reporters via email.

In particular, the letter reportedly said, “Gucci sincerely apologizes for causing noises and inconveniences for nearby residents with our after party held on May 16th.”


However, the one-sentence letter quickly drew huge backlash from Korean media outlets, who believed that Gucci was being insincere. In addition, many claimed that Gucci didn’t even apologize themselves, and that it was an advertising company who sent the email on their behalf. Gucci Korea also did not published any official apology on their website, frustrating netizens and the local media alike.

Source: Kookmin Ilbo

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