Korean media compares BABYMONSTER and BLACKPINK: The new girl group will succeed thanks to their own talents

BABYMONSTER is expected to succeed even without the impact of senior groups.

YG Entertainment is arousing keen interest with their announcement of BABYMONSTER’s debut. The media immediately put BABYMONSTER next to BLACKPINK to discuss the potential of the new girl group. 

Similarities between BABYMONSTER and BLACKPINK

Both BLACKPINK and BABYMONSTER have foreign members with unexpected charms. Lisa is YG’s first foreign idol and she has become so successful thanks to her talents. Meanwhile, YG has revealed two foreign members, Asa from Japan and Chiquita from Thailand.

Lisa fanmeeting

After going through harsh training in a competitive environment, BLACKPINK members debuted in 2016, 7 years after YG introduced 2NE1 in 2009. 7 years after BLACKPINK’s debut, BABYMONSTER is the next girl group project from YG.

Differences between BABYMONSTER and BLACKPINK

While there are similarities between the training and formation of BABYMONSTER and BLACKPINK, Korean media still pointed out differences between the two groups. In particular, culture critic Jung Deok Hyun said, “The promotion methods of K-pop groups nowadays have greatly differed compared to the past. BABYMONSTER seems to have chosen a distinctive way to flaunt their character and mystique, which focuses on personal talents instead of style and concept.”


The members of BABYMONSTER were all kept under wraps before their debut was officially announced. Fans only caught sight of a group of female trainees rushing in and out in front of YG’s headquarters. Meanwhile, BLACKPINK members participated in a number of projects before their debut.

Jennie featured in G-Dragon’s solo song and appeared in his MV. She was introduced by YG as an affiliated artist in 2013. Jisoo also appeared in multiple commercials with Lee Min Ho and iKON. She had a cameo appearance in the 2015 drama “The Producers” and starred in an MV of Epik High. Rosé also featured in the song “Without You” by G-Dragon.

jisoo ikon
blackpink rose concert

Korean media said, “YG Entertainment is confident that BABYMONSTER will succeed thanks to their talent, not because they are BLACKPINK’s junior group or come from a big company.”

Currently, the debut of BABYMONSTER is receiving much anticipation. However, the overwhelming success of BLACKPINK also puts pressure on BABYMONSTER. YG’s upcoming 4th gen girl group has high expectations to live up to. 

Source: yan. 

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