Korean fans mistreated by Kpop staff while abroad? The shocking discrimination at one Kpop concert

According to Korean fans of The Boyz, they were mistreated by the company staff while attending concerts overseas. 

Kpop group The Boyz is currently on their world tour “The B-Zone”, which covers many nations. On this tour, their series of concerts not only attract attendance from overseas fans, but also from stans in Korea, who travel abroad just to see their idols. However, the treatment of The Boyz’s agency, Cre.ker, has become a controversy. 

The Boyz
Korean fans accused The Boyz’s staff of discrimination and sexual harassment

On the social network site Twitter, numerous Korean fans of The Boyz complained about alleged discriminatory and insulting actions that stemmed from Korean staff. In particular, Cre.ker told the airline to force Korean fans to not take out their phones, and threatened to not allow fans to board should they do otherwise. 

In addition, these fans were demanded to not take photos, else they will be “punished”. Most curiously, these harsh treatments were only directed at Korean fans, and staff from the company would loiter around fans or direct flashlights and lasers at them. Even more serious, a Korean employee at The Boyz’s Manila concert asked guards to search fans in their chests and between their legs – which borderlines on sexual harassment. 

The Boyz
Accusations flooded in on the SNS site Twitter. 

In a complete contrast, international fans at US concerts can freely use their phones and take photos without facing any repercussions. Meanwhile, Korean fans said staff took photos of them without consent, just to identify who is Korean. 

To conclude, most fans understand that security measures are necessary to put off obsessive fans, but they still believe that Cre.ker has taken it too far. As of the moment, the agency still remains silent in the face of these accusations. 

Source: Billboard

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